Scott says He’s Relying on the Board of Governors to Vet Tuition Increase Requests

Jun 20, 2012

Florida Governor Rick Scott wants the state’s public universities to increase tuition ONLY  as a last resort. Yesterday he stressed affordability when he spoke to the  State University System Board of Governors. But today, the governor said he has no current plans to stop schools that do increase costs. 

Almost all Florida’s state universities are requesting a rate increase. Scott said it’s important to keep costs down, making it easier for more Floridians to get a college education. But he said he has confidence in the state university system Board of Governors, which must approve the tuition increases.

“I believe that the board of governors is going to look at those work plans. I think they have the same goals that I have. I think they’re going to watch how the money is spent," Scott said.

Scott spoke to reporters after speaking to the Tallahassee Rotary Club. He said any increases should be used to provide more classes in science, technology, engineering and math.