Roofing Scam Moving Through Bay County

Mar 22, 2018

Investigators are looking into a roofing scam in Bay County.
Credit MGN Online

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a potential scam involving roof work. Residents should be on the lookout.

An elderly Bay County man says he was scammed of out $1200 after he was approached at home by a handyman offering to sweep off his roof for a fee.

The worker informed the homeowner he had a hole in his roof and the homeowner paid for a patch.

The following day, a family member was on the roof assessing the work and found there had been no hole. The scammer simply poured tar on the shingles, now requiring a more extensive roof repair.

Officials are warning residents to be skeptical of unsolicited roof work by anyone that lacks the proper licensing.

If you believe you’ve been scammed, you should contact law enforcement.