Reward Offered For Information Related To Sea Bird Slayings

Dec 17, 2015

Florida Animal Rights Advocates are offering a reward for information about a number of sea birds killed on Neptune beach.

Officials say they found pelicans and gulls lying on the beach with casings from shot gun shells near-by. But Florida Director of the Humane Society of the United State, Kate MacFall says there’s little else to go on.

“A reward, a $5,000 reward is really important in cases like these. Poachers, many poachers are never found. It’s very hard to bring these cases all the way through to prosecution and we want this person to be convicted,” MacFall says

MacFall says killing any animal outside of the law, whether it’s using an unapproved weapon or hunting outside the season is a crime, and she adds it isn’t all that different from what poachers do when they illegally kill big game overseas. She says her organization is working closely with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Enforcement Officers.