Residents encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyle choices

Apr 11, 2012

The City of Tallahassee is partnering with groups like the Leon County Health Department and Whole child Leon to promote a program called 95210. Regan McCarthy reports the program is aimed at encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.

Courtney Atkins, the executive director of Whole Child Leon. says the numbers 95210 stand for nine hours of sleep each night, five servings of fruits and vegetables, two hours or less of leisure screen time, one hour of physical activity and zero sugary beverages and tobacco. Atkins says following that plan can lead to better health.

“It is really a message that crosses a life span so hopefully it will help folks get healthier, reduce some of those chronic diseases that are at epidemic proportions.”

Atkins says her organization is focusing on sharing the message with young children. She says 30-percent of the kindergartners in Leon County are obese or overweight. She says her goal is to teach kids healthy behaviors that will turn into healthy habits to last a lifetime.