Rep. Graham Congratulatory As New Lawmakers Take Over Her Constituency

Nov 8, 2016

Credit Gwen Graham /

A new district map split the north Florida region currently represented by Democrat Gwen Graham.  Her constituents will now be spread between districts five and two.

The two new north Florida districts lean heavily to the left and the right respectively.  In District Five Democrat Al Lawson won the race and in Two Republican Neal Dunn emerged as the winner.  Outgoing representative Gwen Graham believes her constituents are in good hands either way.

“The constituency service that we’ve provided to the district is continued now by two different congressional offices,” she says.  “I look forward—I’ve talked with both of them recently, and I look forward to making sure there is a smooth transition.”

Graham chose not to defend her district two seat after it was redrawn and became far redder.