Remembrance Dinner Supports Holocaust Education

Oct 19, 2017

The Capital City’s 6th Annual Remembrance Dinner is Thursday, Oct. 26. The event supports the state-required Holocaust education in public schools.

Credit HERC

Barbra Goldstein heads the Holocaust Education Resource Council that puts on the dinner.

“The Remembrance Dinner that supports the Holocaust Education Resource Council and the funds raised from this dinner go to the education opportunities provided for the teachers and the community so it’s crucial the students get what they need, because Holocaust education is state mandated, however we need the money to teach the teachers how to teach it,” she said, adding tickets to the event go fast.

“When we started we were just hoping a few people would come and it just grew and grew so if you do want to come, go on the website: and make a reservation as soon as you can.”

The dinner takes place at Florida State University’s Turnbull Center.