Regional Board Eyes Transportation Priorities

Jan 17, 2017

Credit Markus Spiske /

Regional Leaders signed off on a list of transportation priorities Tuesday.

The priorities come from a statewide transportation association. And some members of the regional organization have concerns. But City Commissioner Scott Maddox says that’s not unusual.

So in voting for this, there may things that I would disagree with—little pieces of little items, but it doesn’t matter. The MPOAC (Florida Metropolitan Organization Advisory Council) has already gone through their process. We don’t get to second guess it here. We just get to help them advocate for the things that are most important I our area," Maddox says.

Board members highlighted two priorities, saying they’d have the greatest importance locally. One would allow local option fuel taxes to keep pace with the consumer price index. The other would make distracted driving due to cell phone use a primary offense.