Refuge House Readies for Busy Holiday Season

Dec 7, 2017

As more women come forward to report they’ve been sexually harassed or abused, the head of Tallahassee’s Refuge House worries more men seem empowered to escalate their assaults on women. 


Refuge House Executive Director Meg Baldwin sees the current trend of full disclosure as a good thing.

“I’m so encouraged by the number of women in our community and across the country who are speaking out and disclosing their experience of being abused, sexually harassed and that you can feel it from the women who make these disclosures how unburdened they feel, just by being able to tell the truth about what has happened to them.”

But Baldwin also said the number and severity of assaults against women seems to on the rise locally. She’s urging any woman who is a victim, or who just wants to talk to call Refuge House.

“850-681-2111 is our hotline number, so we’d love to hear from you,” Baldwin said, adding the incidence of physical and sexual attacks usually increases during the year-end holidays.