Redevelopment Agency Hosts Workshop For Local Non-Profits

Jun 24, 2016

Credit Steven Adams via Flickr

Tallahassee’s Community Redevelopment Agency is hoping to boost visitors, and it’s putting $85,000 behind its effort.  Officials are hosting a workshop to help non-profits get their hands on some of that cash.

The CRA helps promote areas of Frenchtown, Southside and downtown.  The agency is offering grants for local nonprofits that want to host events that might bring people into the districts.  CRA planner Sherri Curtis says the organization helps fund events like the Frenchtown Heritage Festival.

“We’ve also funded Arti-Gras that happens in Railroad Square, we’ve funded in the past the Springtime Tallahassee, we’ve funded the Chain of Parks festival hosted by LeMoyne, we’ve funded some Downtown Get Downs before in the past,” she says.

The organization awards grants on a competitive basis and the workshop is meant to help applicants navigate the process.  $50,000 are available for the Frenchtown/Southside district and $35,000 are up for grabs in the downtown district.