Red Light Cameras coming to Capital Circle NE and Mahan

Mar 12, 2012

Tallahassee is expanding its effort to cut down on red light runners. As Sascha Cordner reports, the city is adding red light cameras to an intersection which has had more than 100 crashes in a two-year span.

The intersection of Capital Circle Northeast and Mahan Drive is ranked among the top five in terms of Tallahassee crashes in 2010 and 2011. So, Tallahassee’s Traffic Mobility Manager Allen Secreast says the city has installed two red light cameras, which will come online Wednesday:

The red light cameras will be installed on the North and South bound approaches on Capital Circle. So, we are trying to increase the safety for the traveling motorists going through the intersection, and it was also identified through TPD that this was also a location that had a red light running problem.”

With the addition of the two cameras, there will now be 19 cameras monitoring seven intersections throughout Tallahassee. Secreast says the city has noticed a decrease in red light runners since the launch of the Red Light Camera Safety Program in 2010.