Recent Apartment Shooting Victim Arrested After Local Firearm, Drug Bust

Dec 16, 2015

Ladarius Dickey (left) and William Randall have both been arrested in a local firearm and drug bust. Dickey is also the victim in last week's apartment shooting.
Credit Leon County Sheriff's Office

Leon County Sheriff’s deputies made two drug and firearm arrests Tuesday. One of the people taken into custody was the victim in a recent shooting at a local apartment complex.

Last week, authorities say two men shot at another man in the parking lot of Timbers apartments on Timberwood Circle. In the course of their investigation, Sheriff’s office spokesman Grady Jordan says Ladarius Dickey, the victim, became uncooperative. After going to Dickey’s home, SWAT later found another man, William Randall, in the home and arrested him.

“Further investigation revealed that he was not involved in the shootout that we can determine. We continued to search the residence for any evidence related to the shooting,” said Jordan. “Through that search, we located two rifles, a nine millimeter machine style pistol, a short barreled shotgun, along with 10 pounds of spice, which is synthetic marijuana, some Flakka, meth, as well as some marijuana.”

Because of the firearms and drugs found in Dickey’s home and on his person, Dickey was also arrested Tuesday. Still, while there are no concrete leads on the two shooters involved in the apartment shooting, Jordan says he’s hoping witnesses will come forward to help further that investigation.

“If anybody does have information related to the shooting and can identify any of the shooters that are involved, we’re willing to follow up with that and hopefully we can get the shooters arrested as well,” he added. “However, at this point, it’s difficult due to the lack of information we have regarding the suspects.”