Putnam Sticking With Trump, Regardless Of Scandal

Oct 24, 2016

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam says he still intends to vote for Donald Trump, even after a handful of women complained the billionaire presidential nominee kissed and groped them against their will.

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, considered the front runner to replace Governor Rick Scott, says he's still voting for Donald Trump, despite allegations the Republican presidential nominee kissed and groped a handful of women against their will.

Putnam tepidly endorsed Trump months before the women came forward and before Trump was caught on video bragging about using his celebrity to have his way with women.  

“He won the Republican nomination fair and square and absent some cataclysm I believe that the change that he’s going to being to this nation, his underlying views and philosophy as it relates to the role of government and taxation in people’s lives, are preferable to Hillary Clinton’s.”

Putnam is widely considered to be the leading Republican contender to replace Governor Rick Scott when his second term expires. Putnam endorsed former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and then Marco Rubio when Bush dropped out.