Prison privatization oral arguments date pushed back

May 16, 2012

As a legal battle to privatize South Florida prisons continues, an appeals court, expected to hear oral arguments next month, has pushed the date back. Sascha Cordner has more.

The First District Court of Appeals originally scheduled oral arguments in the prison privatization suit for June 13th. But, the appeals court recently moved the date to June 27th. Matt Puckett with the Florida Police Benevolent Association says the Attorney General’s office asked for the extension:

“There was a request by the Attorney General Counsel Mr. Glogau to extend the time frame an additional two weeks, based on a prior engagement, he could not get out of.”

Puckett’s group filed a lawsuit last year to block a plan to privatize public prisons in 18 South Florida counties, and won. But, the Attorney General’s office filed an appeal at the request of the Florida Legislature.