In Preparation For Budget Talks City Asks Citizens To Take Survey

May 3, 2016

Credit Mark Goebel via Flickr

Are you happy with the way the city of Tallahassee is spending your tax dollars? Officials want to know and are asking citizens to fill out a city satisfaction survey. Deputy City Manager Reese Goad says city leaders want to give citizens a bigger voice as budget discussions start again this year.

"Last year at probably this moment in time and throughout the summer as the city was preparing its budget, there was a lot of discussion and there was a lot of angst as it related to that process. And so this year we knew we wanted to do if differently. The mayor and the commissioners had given us a very clear message of we need to engage the community. We need to make sure we understand their priorities,” Goad says.

Goad says the survey will help city staff and commissioners do just that.

“The city commission has a budget workshop May 11. We’ll share some early results of the surveys with them at that time. And that helps them gage where they want to go and the direction that they need to provide relative to the budget,” Goad says.

Anyone interested in taking the survey has until the end of the month to do so. A link is available on the city of Tallahassee’s homepage