Powerful Women Collaborate on Celebratory Mural

Mar 29, 2018

A modern version of the classic "Rosie the Riveter" image from World War Two now adorns the western wall of the Garages on Gaines.

Project Leader and Artist Kollet Probst stands in front of her creation, which bears the title: "#ceilingsmashers."
Credit Tom Flanigan

It was principally painted by Tallahassee artist Kollet Probst who said she didn't create it by herself.

"I had a vision and it was a womens' empowerment mural," Probst remarked during the work's unveiling on Wednesday (3/28). "I didn't know how to facilitate it, so I met these women, these strong, prominent women in Tallahassee who were going after their dreams who were inspiring young ladies to do the same, to chase their passions and never give up."

Those women who assisted Probst to realize her artistic vision were: Lydia Bell of elleBelle Photography, Stylist Autumn Clemmons, Musician Holly Riley, Dancer Angela Bowden Parker, Editor/Writer Heather Thomas and Culinary Chef Shacafrica Simmons. Dustin Daniels from the Mayor's Office honored the creation with a proclamation during the unveiling event.

"Talented individuals in our community got together to make a beautiful piece of artwork that our community can enjoy, both to celebrate their talents, but also the talents of so many women who call Tallahassee home and women around the nation and the world."

The work coincides with the observance of Women's History and Celebration Month.