Powerful Girls Hold City Hall Summit

Sep 23, 2016

One-hundred twenty-five 7th through 12th grade girls spent much of today (Friday, 9/23) at Tallahassee City Hall. They were attending the first “Girls Summit” hosted by the Tallahassee-Leon Commission on the Status of Women and Girls.

Ninth and tenth grade girls take part in a spirited discussion during one of the Summit breakout sessions.
Credit Tom Flanigan

Commission Chair ShaRon James says this was the climax of a whole year of study and activity.

“Our commission year is really culminating with this event where we’re connection directly with girls and providing them with resources that we believe will help them succeed,” she remarked.

Among those resources at the summit was Ericka McKibbon with Girls on the Run.

“Girls on the Run’s goal is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident and really go after their dreams,” McKibbon explained.

Urging her peers not to fear dreaming big was Rickards High School Eleventh Grade International Baccalaureate Student Katie Sorrell.

“Maybe you think you shouldn’t be that smart or as daring as you want to be and that can be holding you back. This is basically saying, ‘No, you’re amazing and try for exactly what you want to do.”

That was the summit’s central message for young ladies aspiring to become amazing adults.