Possible Creation of Woodville K-8 School

Jun 22, 2016

Credit Woodville Middle School

The Leon County School Board is reviewing a proposal made by the Woodville Middle School Board of Directors.The board wants to merge their school with Woodville Elementary.

After just two years in operation, Woodville Middle School may be ending its charter. The middle school Board Chair, Laura Adams, wrote a letter on behalf of the school to Superintendent Jackie Pons, requesting the School Board consider assimilating the middle school into the existing elementary school campus. She says she believes the community would be very accepting of the change.  

“It has been very positive in our community and the people have enjoyed the fact that their kids are there in this community. Woodville Elementary and the Woodville families have a very long and strong history,” says Adams

She said in the letter to Pons that the board believes a traditional public school would be more “fiscally responsible.” The board is looking to make the transition before the start of the school year.