Perspectives: University Commercialization

Nov 12, 2015

Florida’s higher education institutions are a brain trust of innovation and research, some which rarely leaves academic circles. But much of it has broader applications for everyday use. And schools are working to bring that work from the classroom to the marketplace.

On Dec. 1 Florida A&M University ,Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College will host  a community event called Discover on Parade showcasing research and commercialization  projects happening right here in Tallahassee. Much of that work could impact people locally and around the world. The event is the first of its kind and represents a new, collaborative approach to finding solutions to the problems that affect our daily lives.


Kimberly Moore the Vice President for Workforce Development at Tallahassee Community College (TCC).

Dr. Tim Moore, Vice President of Research at Florida A&M University  

Dr. Gary K. Ostrander is the Vice President for Research for Florida State University.

 Larry Lynch, consultant for the FSU Office of Commercialization and Director of the Tallahassee Economic Development Council’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Program.