Opponents of Abortion Amendment 6 Target Florida Hispanic Voters

Oct 22, 2012

Opponents of an amendment related to abortion have launched a new ad-campaign---this time targeting Hispanic voters. Amendment 6 is on the November ballot, and would prohibit the use of government funds for abortions. But, critics say it will take away important health coverage for female public employees in Florida.

A coalition of Florida Hispanic groups is hoping to sway Hispanic voters against saying “yes” to Amendment 6 with the launch of new Spanish-language radio ads. Opponents of the abortion amendment claim it could stop some insurance plans from covering women who have complicated pregnancies. Jersey Garcia with Mi Lola, a South Florida group of Latina women who promote women’s health justice, says that’s unfair.

“And, I especially don’t think it’s just that politicians should decide to piece meal health insurance coverage for the teachers who teach my children, the police officers that keep my community safe, and the nurse my family counts on to help us heal.”

The radio ads will circulate across Florida for the next few weeks until Election Day.