Obama Exiting With Strong Approval Ratings

Nov 28, 2016

Voters are sending President Barack Obama into retirement with strong approval ratings, even though they chose his political nemesis to succeed him.

President Barack Obama's approval ratings are rebounding as he wraps up his second term. Voters were apparently impressed with the way he passed the torch.

The latest Quinnipiac University poll shows voters approve of the job Obama is doing by a 50-43 percent margin, the highest since his reelection.

Pollster Tim Malloy says Obama’s image benefited by comparison to two mud-slinging presidential candidates.

“The poll was taken as we was consulting with Trump, as the family graciously seemed to pass the torch. So there may be something to that, too. They went out with class.”

The poll shows 22 percent of voters consider Obama a “great” president while 33 percent consider him a “good” president.  Forty-four percent of voters say they believe Obama’s policies were good for the economy.