North Florida Congressman Hopes To Abolish EPA

Feb 1, 2017

Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is reportedly drafting a bill to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency.

Congressman Matt Gaetz fistbumps with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.
Credit Matt gaetz via twitter /

Republican Matt Gaetz of Fort Walton Beach campaigned on cutting the environmental regulations he says are a burden for businesses. Now the Freshman Congressman hopes to gut the EPA, according to an email obtained by the Huffington Post. Gaetz has not yet filed the bill, but is reportedly reaching out to Republican colleagues to join the effort. In response to his plans, Gaetz tweeted in his words “I just don’t trust the Feds to get anything right. I trust the states.” The comments come at a time when the future of the department is unclear. President Trump’s pick for EPA Secretary, Scott Pruitt, has been fighting the agency in court for seven years.