New Survey Suggests Tallahassee Already a Desirable Community for Seniors

Jun 15, 2016

The push to make Tallahassee more attractive to older, as well as younger residents, continues. A new survey shows the community generally gets high marks from the seniors who live there.


The survey of 355 residents aged 50-plus took place late last year. City government and the AARP jointly conducted it and AARP spokesperson Dave Bruns said the purpose was to gauge the city’s livability factor for seniors.

“What parts of our community are working really well for people 50 and older and which parts of our community maybe could we work on?” he said.

Bruns added two of the needs most mentioned by respondents were more in-home health care options and affordable home repair services. Some of what the community needs is also more senior-friendly public infrastructure. City Commissioner Gil Ziffer said much of that’s already in the pipeline.

“We’ve already committed for example to build a new senior center in the Northeast. We know what we need to spend dollars on, so we’re committed to it.”

Ziffer’s Commission Colleague Nancy Miller added many things seniors want work for younger people, too.

“They want to live in a vibrant community where there’s a lot to do. A lot of outdoor activities; a lot of cultural activities,” she said.

Survey results will be included in the city’s long-range livability plan.