New state law overrides local gun ordinances

Tallahassee, FL – The Leon County Commission repealed several gun laws Tuesday. James Call reports the action comes after the Legislature declared itself the ultimate authority on guns in Florida.

Commissioners complained the Legislature opened a big loophole in the county's noise ordinance. Come October it will be legal to shoot a gun and hunt in a Leon County park and along the right of way of a county road. County attorney Herb Thiele advised commissioners it was in their interest to repeal three gun restrictions and bring the county regulations in line with the new state law.

"I would relish the opportunity to challenge this at some point but I can't in good faith recommend to you that you do that because of the penalty if we don't do what is in these ordinances but it would constitute grounds for the governor to remove you from office."

Senator Joe Negron supported the prohibition on cities counties enacting more restrictive laws than the state. He said Florida gun owners needed just one set of rules, those enacted by the state Legislature.