New Poll Suggests Floridians Want Immigration Reform

May 10, 2013

A new poll released by pro-immigration groups the Florida New Majority and Project New America shows a majority of Floridians support immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship. But, Project New America’s Director of Research, David Winkler said Floridians are divided on how an immigration overhaul might affect the economy.

“Voters were split on this question which was, if immigration reform passes it will improve our local economy and our national and international competitiveness. Statewide it was split 38 to 38 and so that’s kind of one of those questions that going forward that advocates on both sides will be talking about I’m sure,” Winkler pointed out.

The poll comes as congress weighs a bill that would overhaul the country’s immigration policies. Also according to the poll one fourth of people in Florida don’t support any kind of reform.

You can find all of the poll results here: