New Leon County Voter Registration Cards To Be Mailed Soon

Jun 5, 2012

Tuesday's first-ever Leon County Virtual Town Hall meeting was a success, according to County Commission Chairman Akin Akinyemi.

During the two-hour meeting, broadcast live on the county's Web site, residents submitted 20 questions to Commissioners. There were so many questions that the commission had to throw out a planned agenda of presentations on various topics.

And after the meeting, Chairman Akenyemi says that was OK with him. "I want to hear our citizens, I want to know what issues are important to them, and I want to address them, "he said. "So I'm very glad, and I think this is a modest success."

Questions ranged from what the county is doing to promote job creation to what is the status of the Lake Jackson library.

One issue was so important to the commission, though, that it got a special presentation before any questions were taken. Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho announced that all Leon County voters will be receiving new voter registration cards by mail, most likely some time next week. The cards, he said, are required to reflect redistricting changes in the county.

But, he reminded voters, there are no other changes to voter identification requirements. He said his office has been inundated with calls from people mistakenly concerned about voter ID laws.  "Many Floridians think that the state of Florida has changed their ID requirements and this is not true," he said. 

The new Leon County voter registration cards should be mailed out next week. Once you get your new card, Sancho says, double-check the accuracy of your address and party affiliation to ensure you can vote in the upcoming primary election. Any changes you require to your new voter registration card must be completed by July 16 for you to be eligible to vote in the August 14 primary.