'Medication Synchronization,' May Cure Headaches

Apr 21, 2017

It may be hard to pronounce, but medication synchronization is an idea whose time has come, at least according to some Florida lawmakers.

Credit fds.rx.png

A House measure would order pharmacies to dispense multiple prescriptions at the same time, regardless of their refill dates, so patients can make fewer trips to the drug store.

Democratic Leader Janet Cruz of Tampa says her migraines bring her to the store far too often. 

“And then I pick up my mother’s meds, so I make another four trips to the pharmacy, and when I asked them if I could just pick them all up at one time, they said, no, they weren’t allowed to.”

Cruz’s bill passed the Commerce Committee unanimously and has the backing of the Florida Medical Association and Walgreens.

A Senate version by Pensacola Republican Doug Broxson is awaiting a floor vote.