LWV Florida Challenges Ed Funding as Teachers Union Announces Voucher Lawsuit

Aug 27, 2014

The League of Women Voters is joining a lawsuit against the state over education funding. The moves comes as a state teachers union plans to continue fighting the school voucher program.

The League of Women Voters argues Florida has failed to meet its constitutional obligation to provide a uniform, efficient and high quality public school education. League President Deidre McNabb says the group is concerned the state has gone too far in expanding both charter schools and the school voucher program.

“What we have seen in Florida that has given us a high level of concern is the development of a private, parallel system of education which has been diverting funds that are supposed to be going to our public schools," she says.

The League’s challenge comes as the Florida Education Association, a state teachers union, plans to announce a new lawsuit Thursday against the corporate tax scholarship program also called school vouchers. Florida lawmakers recently approved more money for the program and increased the number of people who could qualify for a voucher. The Florida legislature plans to defend the program.