Longtime Scott Official Announces Congressional Bid

Jul 22, 2015

Mary Thomas announcing her candidacy.
Credit Mary Thomas via Twitter

There’s a new Republican challenger for the North Florida congressional seat currently held by Democrat Gwen Graham.  Scott administration official Mary Thomas announced her candidacy Wednesday in Tallahassee.

Mary Thomas, general counsel for the state’s Elder Affairs Department is running for Congress.

“I feel that the people in this district have resoundingly told me that they want a fresh conservative voice in congress,” Thomas says.  “Someone with energy, someone with a passion, and someone with a strong will to stand up fight for the people that she represents and I am the right person for this job.”

Thomas is running in the state’s second congressional district, and after state lawmakers redraw borders in August, its political make up seems likely to shift to the right.  Thomas is hoping to take advantage of the shake-up in 2016.

“Well, I can’t speak to all of the districts,” Thomas says, “but I can speak to this district.  And I think if redistricting goes as we expect it will go, it will only become a more republican district.  So I think that will definitely be beneficial for the Republican Party.”

If elected, Thomas will be the first Indian-American woman to serve in Congress.  She’s worked in Governor Rick Scott’s administration since 2011, participating in negotiations over the BP oil spill and the tristate water dispute.  

Scott has amassed a sizable war chest through his political action committee Let’s Get To Work.