London Investigation Continues After 7 Killed In Terror Attack

Jun 4, 2017
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An update now on the terror attack in London. A van plowed into pedestrians last night on London Bridge. Witnesses said three men fled the van with large knives and attacked people at nearby bars and restaurants. Seven victims are reported dead. Police shot and killed the three attackers and have now detained 12 more people. In Manchester tonight, Ariana Grande is hosting a concert to benefit the victims of the bombing at her concert just under two weeks ago. Ben Thompson (ph) was at the original concert, and he will be at the benefit concert tonight.

BEN THOMPSON: To show support for everybody that was affected by it and prove that we're not scared of terrorism. If we all come together as we do today, there's nothing that can stop us from living our own lives and, you know, moving forward. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.