Local Program To Compare, Contrast Human Trafficking With Domestic Violence

Jan 11, 2017

As part of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, the Big Bend Coalition Against Human Trafficking is holding multiple events this month to help combat the modern day slavery practice. That includes a Thursday seminar for the area’s health care professionals.

Credit MGN Online

“We’re having a program for healthcare providers—everyone from physicians, nurses, dentists, hygienists, osteopaths, social workers—that they could come and get a two-hour training that will fill their domestic violence requirements because we do this program to compare and contrast human trafficking with domestic violence,”  said Robin Hassler Thompson, a coalition member. “There are differences and important similarities as well.”

The event takes place Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Ghazvini Center for Healthcare Education at Tallahassee Community College. To register, visit surviveandthriveadvocacy.org.

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