Local Electric Crews Now On Stand By Hoping To Help Restore Power Later Today

Sep 11, 2017

Credit MGN Online

While Tallahassee electric crews are currently in a holding pattern, they are expected to try to go back out and restore power to residents later today.

As weather conditions from Irma worsen, outages are expected to increase. But, Deputy City Manager Reese Goad say for now, crews are sheltering in place and are expected to start working again when it’s safe.

“I’m hoping mid-day, we’ll be able to get some assessment crews out as the winds come closer to our threshold,” he said, speaking to WFSU. “We believe it will be after midday before out crews will be able to get out into the field, based on those wind speeds and gusts of winds.”

Despite thousands still experiencing power outages, Tallahassee electric crews did work overnight to restore power to more than 11,000 customers.

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