License Restoration Clinic Now Features Financial Aid

Jul 3, 2017

More than 500 Big Bend motorists are registered for Friday’s driver’s license restoration clinic, far outstripping expectations. In the latest wrinkle, Leon County’s newest credit union is joining the effort.

The Frenchtown Financial Services Center will participate in a July 7th Driver's License restoration clinic organized by County Judges Layne Smith and Stephen Everett.
Credit MGN Online

Leon County Judge Layne Smith says he and County Judge Stephen Everett organized the clinic after watching license suspensions drag people over the financial edge.

“There are good reasons why some of these laws and rules are in effect, but boy, the consequences can mushroom out of control…”

The clinic will put judges, public defenders and prosecutors in the same room with representatives from the DMV and other agencies to help motorists figure out payment plans or perform community service.

When Reverend R.B. Holmes got wind of the clinic, he says he immediately saw a role for the Frenchtown Financial Opportunity Center, the new credit union.

“So part of this event, we will now have a strong, viable, financial institution that will help the person to be able to pay the fines, or the fees, to have their licenses reinstated.”

Smith predicted 200 motorists would apply, but more than 500 have signed up. It was so popular, a second day, October 13th, had to be added.