Leon School Board To Consider Mandatory Recess

Mar 27, 2017

Credit Leon County Schools

As the Florida legislature weighs whether to make recess mandatory for elementary schoolers, the Leon County School board is trying to get ahead.

School Board member and former SAIL High School Principal Roseanne Wood says the board will introduce a plan at tonight’s school board meeting to require recess at all Leon County elementary schools in grades K-5.

“It will be required every day for 20 minutes," says Wood. " Leon County will be the leader in this along with Orange County, and I hope all counties and the state adopt this because it’s something we need.”

If approved, Leon would follow Orange County in adopting a mandatory recess policy. School districts have opposed mandatory recess in the past, citing strict requirements on the school day and the state’s focus on school grades and testing.

A bill mandating recess is moving in the Florida Senate, but has run into trouble in the Florida House, where lawmakers view the issue as a matter best left to local districts. It could soon start moving however. The measure is slated to be heard Tuesday morning in a House education committee. But an amendment to the bill would allow districts to count physical education classes toward meeting the recess requirement.