Leon County's Early Voting Begins August 20th

Aug 12, 2016

Early voting in Leon County is right around the corner.

Credit Thomas Hawk via flickr / https://www.flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/

Primary election day proper is Tuesday August 30th. But Leon County residents can start casting ballots on Saturday August 20th. There are 7 early voting locations around town, including the Leon County Courthouse and public library branches. Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho believes voting early makes casting a ballot more reliable and more accessible.

“So early voting is for example the type of voting that most FSU and FAMU students participate in. Because it easily fits into their schedule, their class schedule and if there’s any problems or changes to the record that need to be made, we can do it before Election Day and you can vote normally,” Sancho said.

Early voting is open to all Leon County residents, and runs from August 20th thru August 27th.