Leon County Sheriff Campbell Reveals New Cancer Diagnosis

Nov 27, 2013

Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell’s lung cancer is back.  

The sheriff shared the news with members of his department Tuesday.

“It is extremely important to me to openly communicate with the community and members of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office on matters which impact this agency” Sheriff Campbell said of his medical health disclosure in a written statement released by the Sheriff's office. “As the elected Sheriff of Leon County, I believe it is best to be as transparent as possible in all matters related to this Office, which includes letting the citizens know the status of my health”.

Cancer first struck Campbell in 2007.  Doctors successfully treated a tumor in the lower lobe of his right lung.  Campbell, a lifelong smoker, quit smoking and had been cancer-free until his most recent health screening.  That revealed a small growth in his left lung and a bladder polyp, which doctors removed right away.  Now Campbell says he’ll stay on the job while having radiation treatments for the cancer.   He says that treatment will take several weeks and he’s optimistic for a full recovery.  Campbell, who’s been Leon County sheriff since 1996, had already indicated this term, which ends in 2016, would be his last.