Leon County recieves award for government transparency

Mar 15, 2012

A national non-profit group in favor of open government practices has given Leon County an “A” for transparency. As Sascha Cordner reports, county officials say it’s due to the redesign of their web site about three months ago.

After considering about six-thousand government websites across the nation, the Sunshine Review chose just a little more than 200 to receive the Sunny Award for open and transparent government. Leon County was one of the 214 recognized. County Administrator Vince Long says it’s understandable why the county received such an honor.

We like to say in Leon County, the web site is just a reflection of our overall organizational culture, which is one that has a continuous emphasis on engaging citizens, promoting transparency, and demonstrating results for the community, and of course with that being the case our web site does that I believe very well.”

The county’s web site includes a searchable database of the county’s expenditures, lobbyist registration, and a citizen-connect button that allows residents to access online services and county reports.