Leon Co. Women, Especially Women Of Color, Worse Off Than Men

Nov 26, 2012

More than half of Leon County residents are women. But, a women’s status report that the county commissioned suggests, they are doing worse than men in a number of areas.

The report comes after 18 months of research. It shows women are doing worse than men in areas like access to healthcare, leadership and employment.

Haley Cutler, with the Oasis Center for Women and Girls, said one of the most surprising findings is that 58 percent of single mothers are living in poverty.

“The reason this matters is because these are our neighbors, our mothers, our daughters, our friends, our classmates, our colleagues, our co-workers. These are people that we care about. Women and girls are in all of our lives," she said.

She said the report also shows that among women, there are huge disparities between white and nonwhite women, especially in health indicators like the HIV rate. Click here to download the report.