Lemurs, Hedgehogs and Birds – Oh My! FWC Hosting Exotic Pet Adoption Events

Oct 6, 2014

Credit Emanuel Keller

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is looking for homes for exotic pets. Regan McCarthy reports it’s part of an effort to keep non-native species out of the environment.

Some of the animals available for adoption include lemurs, prairie dogs and pythons. Exotic Pet Amnesty Program Coordinator Liz Barraco says the animals all come from owners who’ve surrendered them.

Really what we’re offering amnesty to is people who have exotic species that they don’t really have the permit to own," Barraco says. "But this also applies to people who have exotic pets that don’t require a permit, but they can no longer care for them and what we do when we have these events is allow people the opportunity to surrender them no questions asked."

The FWC hosted an event this weekend and received 100 animals for adoption. Since the program began, Barraco says the group has found new homes for more than 2,100 animals. The next adoption event is planned for November. Anyone wishing to adopt should go online first to get pre-approved.