LCSD Superintendent Talks Cuts

Dec 12, 2016

Leon County School Superintendent Rocky Hanna said district positions for people currently under contract are secure for now. But those contracts end in June and Hanna says he plans to make some cuts. But, the details are currently unclear.

Hanna says he wants to consolidate programs, but Hanna says he can’t talk about which programs may be targeted.

“I can’t really go into details because I haven’t had those conversations with some of those people," he said. "So, I think it’s unfair for me to get into the specifics of those programs. Right now, we’re just in the planning phase.”

Leon County School Superintendent Rocky Hanna
Credit Leon County Schools

Hanna said such changes are necessary to make the district financially healthy. He says he also wants streamline top administrative positions. Before resigning from position as a district administrator to run for superintendent, Hanna says he made $108,000 a year.

“When I was the principal at Leon, I didn’t make nearly that much, but I believed I earned every penny I was paid," he said. "I can assure you, once I moved out to Never-Never Land, that wasn’t necessarily the case.”

As superintendent, Hanna will earn around $133,000. But he says he can’t change his own salary because it’s decided by state statute.