Lawmakers, Voting Rights Groups Must Submit Maps By Monday

Sep 11, 2015

Attorneys huddling ahead of Friday's hearing.
Credit Nick Evans

The deadline for parties to submit their ideas for Florida’s congressional map will be Monday.

Heading into Friday’s case management hearing, Florida House attorney George Meros had a deal.  All submissions for Florida’s new congressional map would have to be in by the end of the day and everyone who helped in drafting would need to be identified.

“It is the House position that this should be all about the map drawers coming and telling this court exactly what they did, why they did it, how they did it, with whom they communicated or not, to get the court a fair understanding of—and that’s exactly what we have to do and that should be exactly what others have to do,” Meros says.

Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis agreed on cataloging participants, but after a plaintiff who hadn’t negotiated the deal asked for more time, Lewis stretched the deadline to Monday.