Latest Abortion Law Heading To Court

Jun 15, 2016

Credit Ebyabe via wikimedia commons

Planned Parenthood is challenging a wide-ranging set of new abortion restrictions passed by state lawmakers earlier this year.  The case heads to federal court June 29.

The new law—set to take effect July first—requires state regulators to audit at least half of patient files annually, and changes how doctors determine when a pregnancy begins.  But perhaps most onerous, it completely defunds any group connected with abortions.  Laura Goodhue, head of Florida’s alliance of Planned Parenthood affiliates, says that could have immediate impacts.

“They will have to close down at least on health center in Collier County,” Goodhue says, “as well as an education program in Palm Beach County that has been successful in preventing teenage pregnancies for a number of years.”

Goodhue says the attorneys are asking the judge to block the law from taking effect. 

This case comes while the state Supreme Court prepares to hear a challenge to Florida’s 24 hour abortion waiting period.  The governor signed that measure into law in 2015.