A large "Souls to the Polls" Turnout in Tallahassee

Nov 7, 2016

A large "Souls-to-the-Polls" rally took place in downtown Tallahassee Sunday afternoon (11/6).

Civil Rights Activist Rev. Jesse Jackson, Tallahassee Attorney Ben Crump and other leaders head the line of marchers past the Leon County Courthouse.
Credit Margie Menzel

Led by pastors from several of the city's black churches, the crowd gathered along Adams Street near City Hall. On hand for the rally - and obviously pleased by the turnout - Civil Rights Activist and one-time presidential candidate Jesse Jackson.

"This is a great success today," he remarked. "People lined up around the wall!"

There were prayers as the gathering came to an end. Pastor R.B. Homes of Tallahassee's Bethel Missionary Baptist Church praised God on behalf of all those running for elected office and asked that they be included in the divine will. And then the participants dispersed, many of them promising to make their next stop one of Leon County's two so-called "emergency voting" sites.