La Rosa Wants More Building, Less Red Tape

Apr 6, 2015

Getting the green light for big housing projects and other large scale development would be easier under a bill up before a House panel Tuesday. As Jim Ash reports, the controversial measure by Republican Representative Mike La Rosa of St. Cloud is drawing angry protest from environmentalists.

Rep. Mike La Rosa, R-St. Cloud, wants to cut red tape for developers.
Credit Florida House of Representatives

The bill allows large development projects to skip reviews by regional planning councils in exchange for a fast-track state review. It also limits the power of local governments to deny permits, warns Sierra Club lobbyist David Cullen.
“This section of the bill places the interest of a speculator over the community and their ability to choose what they want to do as a community, through their comprehensive plan.”

The bill cleared a key economic development committee. A Senate companion gets heard Wednesday.