Jury Finds Tallahassee Doctor Adam Frasch Guilty Of Murdering Wife

Jan 26, 2017

Tallahassee foot doctor Adam Frasch was convicted of murder Thursday (1/26/17) in the 2014 death of his wife, Samira Frasch.

A Tallahassee physician has been convicted of murdering his wife. A jury returned a guilty verdict in the trial of Adam Frasch.

Samira Frasch was found dead at the deep end of the pool at her Golden Eagle Home three years ago. Attorney’s for her husband, foot doctor Adam Frasch, say her death was an accident. Adam Frasch was in Panama City at the time she was found.

Neighbors testified they saw Ms. Frasch alive after Adam Frasch had departed the residence. But the state  says Frasch killed his wife then fled with the couple’s children. Prosecutors also used the testimony of Frasch’s cellmate who says the doctor confessed to killing his wife with a golf club.

Frasch's attorney argued that testimony should be discarded given the man has more than 40 felonies and is a longtime drug user. A medical examiner also testified that she did not believe Samira Frasch died from a golf club.

Frasch’s attorney says he plans to appeal the ruling based on what he calls circumstantial evidence.