John Morgan Says He'll Consider Gubernatorial Run 'For The People'

Nov 18, 2016

Attorney John Morgan, of Morgan & Morgan law firm, says he's considering a 2018 gubernatorial bid.
Credit John Morgan /

Florida trial attorney and primary Medical Marijuana amendment backer John Morgan says he’s thinking about running for governor in 2018.

Morgan’s amendment campaign manager Ben Pollara started the call for Morgan to run and more people have joined in. Now the man known for his "For the People" slogan says, he will consider a gubernatorial bid.

Morgan is a blunt-talker who isn’t afraid of excoriating Republicans and Democrats alike. Here he is a few years ago going after lawmakers and lobbyists in an address to the Tallahassee Tiger Bay Club.

“They’ve forgotten what they’re here for. So they’re up here lobbying for us the trial lawyers, labor, tobacco, Disney and Publix. And the powerless and the voiceless counting on them get left behind because they got no money and they’re forgotten," he said at the time.

In an online post Morgan says if he decides to run, he has a few ideas already, such as increasing the minimum wage, decriminalizing Marijuana and restoring voting rights to non-violent felons.

State Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, Congresswoman Gwen Graham and former House Speaker Will Weatherford are also considering gubernatorial bids.