Jefferson School Board, County Commission Clash Over Maps

Apr 1, 2016

Jefferson County Courthouse
Credit Michael Rivera via wikimedia commons

There’s a fight brewing in Jefferson County between the school board and the county commission.  A federal judge threw out the local district map, and the school board believes it’s not getting enough say in revisions.

Historically both bodies have used the same districts although they aren’t legally required to do so.  The County Commission is taking the lead, and school board member Sandra Saunders says the Commission needs to be more receptive to her board’s concerns.

“We were told that we were just here as guests,” Saunders said at a Thursday night Commission meeting.  

“By Commissioner Boyd,” she went on, “we’re here as guests tonight, but when the lawsuit stated, ‘…and the Jefferson County school board,’ that gives the whole ten person body on the defendant side an opportunity to input and an opportunity to cast a vote.

Some commissioners are following a take it or leave it approach—aiming to reach agreement internally before offering a completed map for the school board to consider.