Jefferson County Residents Mark Death Of Sheriff David Hobbs

Nov 28, 2017

Jefferson County residents are mourning the death of Sheriff David Hobbs. David Hobbs died Monday after leading the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office since 2004. County Commissioner Betsy Barfield says the sheriff's death surprised many in the small North Florida community. 

The late Jefferson County Sheriff David Hobbs.
Credit The Florida Sheriff's Association

"It has been very sad for our entire county. Our sheriff was a very private man. Except for his family, not many of us knew the extent of his illness," Barfield said.

She says that made his death even more of a shock. 

“When…we found out he had passed, it was, it really is a blow to our whole entire Jefferson County,” she said.

Barfield says Hobbs will be remembered as someone who was fair, and who made a point of getting to know the area’s residents.

“He was an integral part of our entire community. And because he was so involved and hands-on he had a lot of respect from those he served,” she said.

She says he'll also be remembered for his charitable activities. Hobbs was a supporter of the United Way, and organized holiday toy drives for kids in the area.

It’s up to the governor to appoint an interim sheriff to replace Hobbs.