Hurricane Irma Fallout Reaches Florida Constitution

Sep 26, 2017

Fallout from Hurricane Irma is reaching the foundation of Florida’s government as the powerful Constitution Revision Commission considers extending key deadlines.

The Florida Constitution Revision Commission meets every 20 years, but this vicennial, Hurricane Irma is disrupting the schedule.

The CRC meets every 20 years to put measures directly on the ballot and Irma struck a week before the cutoff for public proposals.

Now, a rules committee wants to change the deadline to October 6th.  Chief counsel Pete Antonacci says the Florida constitution gives the public ultimate authority.

“The federal constitution is a limitation on the powers of government, whereas our constitution assumes that all the power, all the political power, all the governmental power, all the sovereign power of the state, belongs in the electorate.”

The committee is also recommending giving commission members more time to submit their proposals, extending the final filing deadline to October 31st.