House mulls property tax breaks for seniors

Jan 31, 2012

Florida lawmakers are proposing several new constitutional amendments that would give some Florida residents a break on their property taxes. Regan McCarthy reports one measure would freeze the property taxes of low income seniors.

Republican Representative Jeannette Nunez says her bill will protect those who can least afford even small increases in their property taxes.  Nunez, of Miami says her proposal would give counties the option of limiting the amount of property taxes certain seniors would be asked to pay. She says it’s a change that could really help some seniors without putting the screws to local governments.

“If you look at Miami Dade County as a whole, the impact is roughly 450-thousand dollars. I certainly think our County can afford to absorb that, especially for the benefit of our low income seniors.”

Nunez says each municipality would decide whether to take advantage of the rule by a referendum vote. If passed, the local government would also have to adopt the measure.