Hoffman's attorney says family grateful for relief bill

Apr 2, 2012

The lawyer for Rachel Hoffman’s parents says the family can move on with their lives, now that Governor Rick Scott signed a claims bill compensating them for the loss of their child. As Sascha Cordner reports, they’ve spent the last four years fighting for their daughter, who was killed in an undercover drug sting gone wrong.

Lance Block is the attorney for Rachel Hoffman’s parents, Irving Hoffman and Marjorie Weiss. He says they’re grateful the Governor and the Legislature allowed them to have the $2.4 million dollars for the loss of their daughter.

“The past four years have seemed like 400 years, and you can imagine how difficult, how painful, how much they’ve had to endure, and they’re relieved the legal part of this is all over, and they look forward to moving on with their lives, and at the very least, enjoying the memory of their child, Rachel Hoffman.”

Block also expressed gratitude for the Governor signing a $10.75 million dollar claims bill for his other client, 32-year-old Eric Brody. His car was hit when he was 18 years old by a speeding Broward County sheriff’s deputy who was late for work.